Thursday, November 11, 2010

Don't worry, we're alive

Well, the last few weeks have been super busy, hence no blog post. But I have a few minutes before bed, so here's a mini-update! I've finished training at work, so am a full-fledged employee now, with sales goals and everything! It's tough because I don't have an office of my own, but I'm determined to make the best of it and succeed anyway! I really like how work is going, everyone is super helpful and I'm just really excited to work for such a great company where I can really start a legit career. So that's work.
And now life: I've been spending my weekends as usual: laundry, cleaning, running errands, and car shenanigans! I have become a pro at checking the air in tires, taking a car in to get a flat fixed, adding antifreeze, adding wiper fluid, and replacing wiper blades! I'm feeling pretty proud of how much I've embraced the "manly" jobs that have now fallen to me. I don't love it, but I can do it. And I like being able to handle things like that without having to ask for help. I mean, I still sometimes play the helpless blonde card, but only when absolutely necessary :)
As for today (Veterans Day/Founders Day), I've been super productive and I'm really proud of myself. Here was my day:
Got up at 7, took Eddie for a walk and made Dane's lunch. Worked out, added fluids to my car and replaced the wiper blades (this took a while and I did it wrong a couple times, but I got it figured out! I'm uber proud!) Had breakfast, cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed the whole apartment, cleaned the litter box, and dealt with the dishes sitting in the sink. Showered and got ready for the day, had lunch, organized my closet, and left for my errands! Dealt with a return at the hardware store (NOT an easy task, the employee who was "helping" me was barely competent), used the vacuum at the car wash to vacuum my car, bought the spring form pan I needed from Target, and went to Hallmark to look at wedding invitations! Here's how Momza and I did it: we both went to our local Hallmarks and looked at the same invitation books together, over the phone! We found one we really like, so now I just have to talk Dane into agreeing with us :) Then I went to the grocery store, came back home and got ready for my lovely evening. I recorded one of those creepy recordable books from Hallmark for my nephew (sorry for ruining the surprise, Miche), made a yummy mahi mahi dinner (less yummy for Daneish, his piece had lots of bones. Not my fault: I bought boneless fish!!), hemmed some pants for a coworker who was being ghetto fab with staples in her pants, did my nails in an awesome red for fall: Essie's "A-list", and (now) blogged! (AND b/c today was a holiday, I got paid for all of this!!) All of these fabulous evening activities have been accompanied by a (larger than usual) glass of freaking amazing pinot noir. Mirassou, will you marry me? Because I can't quit you. Today at the store I bought a new bottle I've never tried before: Lindemans (also pinot noir, I'm not fixing it because it's not broke). We'll bust open the new bottle this weekend and I'll review it later. It's from Autralia, so it's probs awesome. And I hope it comes with a sexy accent. Or gives me a sexy accent when I drink it. However, I guess any wine could give you a sexy accent if you drink enough of it. Well, you'd think it was sexy, all the sober people around would probably just want you to shut the hell up.
Ok kids, that's all for now. Time for bed because I've gots to get up early to go work my booty off and bring home the bacon! P.S. It's supposed to snow on Saturday. I hate everything. Until then, cold/rainy. But never fear, I have my houndstooth rain boots and umbrella (yes, they're BOTH houndstooth) ready to go! AND tomorrow is a jeans day at work, aka BEST DAY EVER. AND we get a free lunch b/c out sales were awesome a couple weeks ago. YESSSSSSSSSS