Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nothing rhymes with 2011

Happy New Year! Daneish and I had a great weekend so I thought I would share the details with all of you! He got back in town late Thursday night and we got him all settled in and unpacked. He also told me he had made reservations for dinner on New Years Eve! Hooray! We usually spend NYE on the couch with pizza or some other kind of non-homemade food and watch a movie or something. NYE is not usually a holiday we really celebrate. This is because several years ago at the block party in Tempe, a random girl ran up to Dane, punched him in the face, and ran off. This put a bit of a damper on Daneish's enjoyment of this holiday... But, we decided to ditch tradition an actually celebrate this year! Dane spent his Friday getting tons done for us! He took my car in to get my windshield wiper repaired, bought the windshield wiper fluid we needed, and took care of all the annoying little errands that needed to be done. It was really handy to have such a great helper working on things while I was at work! I begged and begged at work for them to let me off early so I could make it home in time to change clothes before our big date. They did and I made it home at 6, just in time to change and head out for our 6:30 reservations at Spezia! I wore a super cute black Ann Taylor dress with a skinny black belt, magenta cardigan, and black pointy toe pumps. Of course, this outfit did not have style room for stockings, so I went bare-legged. It was super cute, but obviously freaking cold when entering/exiting the restaurant in the 10 degree weather. I still feel I made the right choice. Fashion over function ANY day! We raced over to Spezia and had an AMAZING meal!! We had calamari, salads, and steaks! Dane enjoyed a couple glasses of wine while I chose a Bellini :) The food was super yummy and I was stuffed by the time the entrĂ©es arrived, so I brought most of mine home and have been able to make 2 more meals out of it! It was so nice to be able to sit down and enjoy a fancy dinner together and not worry about work or school the next day. It totally blew our budget, but it was totally worth it. We'll be eating ramen for the rest of the month, but I'm so glad we had a nice date! Funny side note: when we got into the car to go home, there was a man getting into his car and obviously heading back to the front of the restaurant to pick up his wife. I made a snide comment about how nice he was and Dane responded with "yeah, that IS nice, nice that his wife is such a lazy whore." Obviously, chivalry is alive and well... When we got home, we got into our comfy clothes and settled in to watch some tv. Of course, I feel asleep, just like I always do. But Dane woke me up from time to time to show me the tuxedos he had "built" on a website (they were all hideous. WHERE have all the classic black and white tuxedos gone?!) and he woke me up again just in time for midnight! He had even opened the cheapy bottle of Andre I'd bought and poured us each a glass. The champagne was obviously terrible, but I'm glad we had it. We slept in the next morning and it was super nice to not HAVE to get up. I did a bunch of laundry and started our black eyed peas. BTW, the package of peas I bought called them "Blackeye Peas". Um... that's weird. Anyway, Saturday was great! Got lots accomplished AND we went together to put air in our tires (kind of an ordeal b/c the first 2 gas stations we went to didn't have working air pumps. Super annoying in 17 degree weather!), get gas, and grab the makings for corn bread! These annoying chores are way more fun when we get to do them together. And we can start off our busy month knowing our cars are both good to go! We spent our evening watching TCU win the Rose Bowl while eating black eyed peas and corn bread. We should be set for good luck in 2011! (Not that we'll need it b/c 2010 was freaking amazing and I know 2011 will be even better) Sunday was started with good intentions, but then we got lazy together. Dane set his alarm so he could get up and get ready to go to church with me, but then he hit snooze and I followed suit and got lazy, too. So instead of church together, we spent our morning laying around the house together. I would feel more guilty about it, but I so rarely get lazy time with Daneish, I'm fine with taking it when I can get it! Then I got my butt into gear and finally made myself useful. I put together our chili for dinner so it could simmer for a couple hours and packed away all the Christmas decorations. I had also planned to clean the house and do a bunch of ironing, but the streaming Netflix on our new Blu-ray player was calling my name, so I wasted a couple hours with that. Anyway, Daneish spent his weekend being super helpful and it really meant a lot to me. I do a lot around here when he's in school, so it really meant a lot that he was so helpful when he was available. He did the dishes every chance he got and was great about walking Eddie, too. We spent a bunch of time talking about wedding music, tuxedos, and honeymoon options. So it was a great weekend together. It actually felt like a vacation, which seems silly because we were A) home and B) actually doing lots of chores, etc. But if this weekend was this great, I can't imagine how awesome a real vacation (ie our honeymoon) is going to be!
January is going to be a super tough month for both of us b/c of our work and school requirements, but I think we're going to get through it just fine. We'll be eating hot dogs and ramen, but we'll make it through. AND with how much I'll be working, hot dogs and ramen are the only meals I'll have the time to cook anyway. So happy 2011, everyone! I hope your weekend was as great as mine! And I hope the rest of your January is better than mine will be! Mazel!