Sunday, September 11, 2011

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Well, my new computer has arrived to it's time to update ye olde blog! So here's what life is like here:

Dane is working very hard in school. This year is harder than last year and he is absolutely dreading having to take Step 1 of the Boards next summer. But he is doing super well in school and I'm super proud of him. To be honest, he's not enjoying med school at all right now, but he's working hard to get through to a part that he does like. We keep hearing that next year will be totally different and he will enjoy it a lot more, so we're just working to get him there. It's taking a lot of effort, but he's a great student and super smart, so going to continue to do great!

I am working really hard at work. I did some more training a few weeks ago to learn how to open business accounts, so I'm looking at other options I may have within the company to continue my career there. Now I'm thinking I may want to take the business banking route and lean towards that. The benefit there is that I could do business banking from pretty much anywhere we may happen to end up. I was previously thinking of doing HR, but there aren't HR hubs everywhere, so it really restricts our options. And with Dane needing to be able to take any job that is offered to him, I need to be able to work anywhere. So that's the new career plan!

As for our home life, I'm trying to be creative to make life less redundant for us so we can actually enjoy our time here in Omaha. So I have deemed every Monday "New Recipe Monday" and we try new things to see what works and what doesn't! Most of the recipes I try are steak because I'm really comfortable with chicken and I don't want to become the boring chicken lady. Tomorrow's adventure is steak tacos with a really yummy marinated steak recipe. We'll see how it goes!! In fact, tonight I'm trying a new recipe, too! We're trying out some spicy orange chicken stir fry! Yum! And we've started having Friday nights out! This isn't as exciting as it sounds, it just means that after working at a bank on a Friday, I am way too tired to cook. And it's really the only chance that Dane gets to take a break from studying and take a couple hours to go out. So we go out on Friday nights and make a big deal of going on a date. It's usually pretty short and doesn't include a movie or anything, but we enjoy it :)

Eddie is doing well being back in Omaha, but he misses Heidi. That's right folks, Heidi Eunice is no longer with us :( She lived a very long and nap-filled life, but this summer her health started declining pretty rapidly until I had to take her in to be put down. It was exceptionally hard to do, but it was what was best for her and I'm sure she's happier now, in a tuna-filled kitty heaven. Unfortunately, Eddie is now bored with no feline to follow around and keep in line.  No, we won't be getting a new kitty anytime soon, they don't make for very good movers and we'll be doing lots of that in the next few years! But I'm sure I will eventually convince Dane it's time to add to the family and get another personality-filled kitty!

Dane's workload has been exceptionally stressful the last couple of weeks so we decided to take advantage of a very rare free weekend and take a little staycation last night! Dane's dad graciously booked a room for us with his Marriott points at the West Omaha Marriott and we got to take a night away! We went to Bonefish Grill for dinner and it was DELICIOUS!! Neither of us had been there before and omg it was so great!! We got calamari as an appetizer, salads (house for him, caesar for me), warm toasty bread, and super great entrees! Daneish got a steak with au gratin potatoes and I got wood-grilled salmon with mango salsa, garlic whipped potatoes, and some fancy ginger carrots or something. Everything was amazing!! AND we got there during happy hour, so go to get our first drinks at happy hour prices-fabulous! And Dane tried their rum punch and deemed it delicious. So all around, a great dinner experience! Then we went back to the hotel and were bummed to discover they didn't have movies for us to buy! We had been hoping to buy a movie we missed when it was in theatres and snuggle up with snacks! But alas, we were stuck with whatever happened to be on tv. So of course, I fell asleep way too early. I know that this drives Daneish crazy, but I can't help it!! I fall asleep on the couch every night, so this Saturday night was no different! But even though I was super lame, it was still nice to have a night away and relax together. And Eddie enjoyed his time at Dogtopia, playing with his dog friends. The people there said that Eddie's best friend there is a yorkie named Bernard. The two of them stayed up late and harassed all the girl dogs. That's our Eddie Monster :) And tonight all 3 of us are at home, watching a movie together and enjoying a night off before having to go back to work/school.

I think that's all for now, kids! I think I've updated on pretty much everything, but let me know if I missed anything you're dying to know!

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